MIC is a major Investment Boutique House based in Saudi Arabia and operating across the EMEA Region.

Major Investment Boutique House

MIC has grown to become one of the top Saudi investment companies, and also one of the fastest growing organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Our in-depth insights into markets dynamics and changes yield knowledge which we apply to create growth opportunities in our core businesses and in new businesses of great potential.

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Middle East Investment Company has grown to become a leading Saudi boutique investment house. An achievement resulting from unwavering commitment to Saudi Arabia, the professionalism of the Group’s employees, a keen sense of social responsibility with a strong awareness of its operating environment and the exceptional vision and close adherence to basic values.We developed state-of-the-art investment platforms to cope with the challenges facing business in today’s global environment.Our real estate portfolios focus on investing in real estate and land development projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value. The Company professionally managed investment stakes consist of local and international diversified portfolios of securities, REITs and Hedge Funds. MIC has controlling stakes of private equity investments in EMEA, spanning 13 companies in 7 verticals actively operating in 13 countries.To ensure sustainable growth strategic alliances are being sought with likeminded multinational co-operation.
Abdul Aziz Al Assaf practices the profession of Advocate and Legal Consultant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since (30) years ago approximately.
Jawahr is a leading provider of human resource solutions in Saudi Arabia. We offer manpower and recruitment services to companies and households.
Eurofix company situated at Damam Road. Eurofix technicians have tremendous experience of European car servicing and maintaining in Saudi Ariba.
Jawa is the go-to platform for instating large-scale international and regional operations within a broad number of sectors and industries.
Jawa Investment is a DFSA regulated global independent investment bank that provides innovative, unconflicted strategic advice.
Nurve Partners provides a suite of support services to enterprises as per their need. Ranging from short Advisory Engagement.
CTC is a leading ICT company located in Saudi Arabia. CTC has been always keen to develop and deliver excellent business solutions.
To be one of the IT system integration leaders by pioneering the deployment of the latest innovative technologies.